At NMETC, we believe those who are educated from a credible school will be more qualified and prepared for the challenges they may face in the field. Our EMT and paramedic educators offer highly interactive programs in both traditional campus and online formats with the ultimate goal of training competent and compassionate prehospital emergency medical providers.

NMETC's educators believe in our core values that are rooted in promoting creative teaching styles and presenting a cohesive unit dedicated to creating a positive learning environment. NMETC graduates are highly successful at passing the NREMT exams at all levels. Please contact us for exact up to date first time pass rates for NREMT certification rates.

Below is a list of qualified EMT and paramedic instructors:

These instructors will be with you every step of the way to support you and help you become a qualified and compassionate emergency medical provider.

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Student Testimonials

  • I highly recommend NMETC's paramedic program to anyone looking to advance their knowledge of medicine and further their careers in the Emergency Medical Services.

  • The instructor/coordinator, is one of the finest teachers I have ever had. He uses intellectual modeling, experience of self and others, and visual aids of all sorts to make the intangible…tangible.

  • I can now say, having immersed myself in the program completely, NMETC's model is the future of optimal healthcare education delivery models.

Paramedic Program Accredited By

Commission on Accreditation
of Allied Health Education Programs
Committee on Accreditation
of Educational Programs for the
Emergency Medical Services Professions